Remembering Bob Liekens

We were incredibly lucky to have had Bob as a guest at our studio and we'll continue to strive to apply all we learned from him. His extensive knowledge and expertise gave us the opportunity to build upon our skills as teachers. He will not be forgotten.

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Private Training Sessions

  • $85 per session with Vanessa
  • $80 per session with a package of 10 private sessions with Vanessa
  • $75 per session with Liz or Andrea
  • $70 per session with a package of 10 private sessions with Liz or Andrea

A personal training session allows your trainer to focus solely and directly on your form and technique, assessing your individual needs and creating a program designed to help you progress more quickly to achieve increased strength, flexibility and improved overall health. Personal sessions include exercises performed on the Pilates reformer, tower and Cadillac apparatus. Practitioners benefit from the utilization of straps, springs and pulleys for optimal precision and proper execution of every exercise.

Semi-Private Training Sessions

  • $45 per person
  • $40 per person with a package of 10 semi-private sessions

A semi private session is similar to to the private session format and includes work with a partner on the Pilates reformer, tower and chair apparatus. Your trainer will guide you in proper instruction using straps, springs and pulleys to offer varying resistance and help you maintain proper form and position as you perform the Pilates exercises.

Pilates Equipment Classes

  • $35 drop-in class
  • $30 per person with a package of 10 classes

A Pilates equipment class includes work on the Pilates reformer and tower and incorporates small apparatus such as balls, rollers, rings and bands to further assist you in utilizing your powerhouse to find stability and alignment and to redefine your entire body. Pilates equipment classes incorporate mat work that allows you to focus on the fundamental principles of Pilates in addition to proper mat and equipment exercise techniques.

Yoga Class

  • $18 drop-in class
  • $15 per person with a package of 10 classes

Our yoga class is vinyasa flow-based class. Be ready for an invigorating work out that will challenge both body and mind! Class sizes are small enabling us to ensure proper alignment which is the basis for a safe and effective practice. Join us to experience the many benefits that a regular yoga practice can bring to your life!


Class Schedules and Options

Group classes at Pilates Central are customized for small groups of 3-8 people in order for us to provide a more personalized class complete with individual feedback, modifications and progressions. We offer a number of class options designed to fit your scheduling needs as well as a wide variety of classes ranging from Pilates equipment and mat classes to barre classes and individual training sessions. Please contact us to help you find the perfect option to help you reach your goals.

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Vanessa Washicheck, Owner and Instructor

Vanessa first began practicing Pilates in an attempt to quiet the stress and anxiety of everyday life. She began Pilates unaware of how influenced she would be by the discipline and how prominent the desire would be to become strong in her own body and practice, and to share the practice with others.

Vanessa practiced ballet and modern dance from a young age but suffered an injury as a teen. Vanessa views Pilates as an experience reminiscent of dancing, with an artistic flow that moves like a choreographed dance; but one that is more accessible with a profound focus on taking care of yourself and gaining strength and awareness. Pilates allows individuals of any age, fitness level, or history of injury to establish a practice to improve the functions of the body both inside and out.

Vanessa’s training background includes over 700 hours of Pilates instruction and practice, barre training at Gourmet Pilates in Chicago, IL, 450 hour Pilates teacher training course at the Movement Center Pewaukee, Aerial Yoga training and Rasamaya cardio barre training under the direction of Cristine Trayner of Dover Yoga in the Boston, MA area and Flying Yoga training under the direction of Whaka and Sara Luke of Koha Yoga.


Liz Sexe, Pilates Instructor

Liz started practicing Pilates while performing in California and found the work invaluable for her well being as a dancer/performer. As a teacher, she loves to merge her knowledge of anatomy and movement in a scientific yet playful way. Her classes focus on efficiency and clarity of movement while flowing and breathing through the exercises.

Currently, Liz is a lecturer of Ballet, Contemporary and Pilates at UW-Madison and performs locally with Li Chiao-Ping, Marlene Skog and Jin-Wen Yu. She received her MFA in Dance from Mills College in Oakland, CA and a BA in Dance and Biology from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. She completed her Advanced Pilates Certification from Movement Insights and has been teaching Pilates in Madison since 2010.


Andrea Dow, Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Andrea has been teaching yoga and Pilates for over a decade. She received her B.S. in Kinesiology from UW-Madison in 1999. Through dance she was introduced to Pilates and immediately felt a connection with the method’s ability to connect mind, body and soul to transform people’s lives. Andrea was the director and owner of Core Concepts Pilates studio in Milwaukee, WI for 9 years.

Andrea has an extensive training background and holds certifications from the Pilates Method Alliance, Physical Mind Institute and Power Pilates. In addition to her Pilates certifications, Andrea is also Yogafit and Yoga Alliance certified and holds certifications as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor through the American Council of exercise. Additionally, Andrea is a certified nutritionist through American Health Science University and has completed life coach training through Martha Beck and weight coach training through The Life Coach School.

With a unique background blending many movement and health modalities, Andrea is dedicated and passionate about helping people of all levels achieve optimal health and wellness.


Kelsey Macomber, Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Kelsey has practiced Pilates for the past 5 years. While studying Psychology and Neuroscience at UW Madison, she unearthed her passion for movement practices when she began to teach Yoga and Pilates classes through UW Recreational Sports. A long­time practitioner of yoga, Kelsey quickly found the Pilates Method to be an incredible tool to deepen her yoga practice and enhance her awareness of her body. She is currently pursuing her Pilates Certificate though the UW Madison Dance Department.

As an instructor, Kelsey hopes to empower others to cultivate a better awareness of the strength, power, and potential of their physical body, in order to find a deeper connection between mind and body. The practices of yoga and Pilates can serve to draw a person inward, to a place that is uniquely his or her own. Kelsey hopes to impart some sense of empowerment, connection and confidence to every person she has the privilege of teaching.


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